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$450 for 5 hours

Sight Fishing at Night for Tarpon & Snook on Fly in West Palm Beach

In Palm Beach, the best inshore saltwater fly fishing opportunities occur at night.  When the sun goes down, the lights around docks and yachts turn on.  These "dock lights" attract small baitfish, much like a moth to a flame.  Larger predatory fish like Snook, Jack and Tarpon have learned that these lights provide them with easy meal.  In turn, this has created a visually engaging and addictive experience where anglers can expect multiple opportunities to present their fly to gamefish.  With proper technique (casting, presentation, retrieve, strip set and fighting angles) it is not uncommon to catch double digits in a single night. Trips start shortly after sunset along the intercoastal and are affected seasonally by weather and tides, so no night is the same. Perfect for anglers of all skill levels looking for a uniquely fun fly fishing experience with plenty of visual action.

A $100 deposit is required to book this adventure.

*Highly Recommended*