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Full-Day adventures leaving out of Chokoloskee

Everglades Excursions focus on providing an exceptional saltwater angling experience deep within Everglades National Park.  The Everglades is not only a world-class fishery, but also a vital habitat and estuary for Snook, Tarpon, Redfish & more.  This wilderness area consists of mangrove labyrinths twisting into rivers and bays flowing to the coastal headwaters, beaches and islands of Florida Bay.  ALL of Florida depends on this habitat for Clean Water and Guiding here is a privilege.  Not for the faint of heart, travel to the park and fishing is ALL day event.  Although fly fishing is the primary focus, it is highly recommended to also use light tackle.  It is imperative to communicate and get to know your Guide in order to ensure that your excursion is catered to your specific needs and goals.  Anglers can expect opportunities at world-class fish such as big Tarpon, Snook, Redfish and more.  It is imperative that anglers practice ahead of time to take advantage of the opportunities when they present themselves.  A quick and accurate delivery at distances of 50-60 feet will suffice.  These Excursions are customized expert level adventures intended to bring the true Florida Everglades backcountry fishing experience.

A non-refundable $200 deposit is required to book this adventure.

RIFF - Everglades Excursions
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PBNL - Palm Beach Night Lights
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Sight Fishing at Night for Tarpon & Snook on Fly in West Palm Beach

In Palm Beach, the best inshore saltwater fly fishing opportunities occur at night.  When the sun goes down, the lights around docks and yachts turn on.  These "dock lights" attract small baitfish, much like a moth to a flame.  Larger predatory fish like Snook, Jack and Tarpon have learned that these lights provide them with easy meal.  In turn, this has created a visually engaging and addictive experience where anglers can expect multiple opportunities to present their fly to gamefish.  With proper technique (casting, presentation, retrieve, strip set and fighting angles) it is not uncommon to catch double digits in a single night. Trips start shortly after sunset along the intercoastal and are affected seasonally by weather and tides, so no night is the same. Perfect for anglers of all skill levels looking for a uniquely fun fly fishing experience with plenty of visual action.

A non-refundable $100 deposit is required to book this adventure.

Suburban Jungle



Enjoy a relaxing day on Lake Ida targeting Peacock Bass and other freshwater species

In South Florida, we are proud to boast the only Peacock Bass fishery within the United States.  This invasive species is normally found in Central and South America.  As an Amazonian predator, they are extremely colorful, highly aggressive and incredibly territorial. They put up a hard fight for their size, especially on light tackle. They tend to hang out in schools and when fired up, they provide repeated opportunities for multiple anglers to get tight.  This makes for fun and exciting fishing for all skill levels, beginner to expert.  There are also opportunities to catch other freshwater species such as Smallmouth Bass, Clown Knifefish and Snakeheads depending on location.  The Suburban Jungle is an adventure that starts late morning and goes into the afternoon in sheltered calm water conditions with breaks for lunch and cooling off if necessary, while still providing plenty of action.  Perfect for anglers who want to spend a relaxing day on the water with the excitement of catching a fish that can't be found anywhere else in the United States.

A non-refundable $100 deposit is required to book this adventure.