Captain Scott Miller will be the head guide for your adventure. He is a lifelong fisherman with a calling for the outdoors. His travels and diverse background make a successful and well-rounded angler. Despite growing up in Michigan, Capt. Scott has spent the past 16 years enjoying all of South Florida's fisheries. Nothing compares with experience gained from time on the water with a thirst for adventure.
Find out how Capt. Scott's unique experiences fuel his intense passion to provide a fly fishing adventure unlike any other.



Capt. Scott has always felt a calling for the outdoors which led to an intense passion for fishing at a very early age.  He grew up in Michigan, went to school in Utah & Montana before settling in Palm Beach.  He has a diversified angling career from landing trophy fish in places like Hawaii, Alaska, Nantucket and Yellowstone National Park. Once in Florida, Capt. Scott applied all his angling knowledge from across the country into learning his local waters and quickly mastered the art of catching Snook, Tarpon & Redfish on fly.


Capt. Scott has spent a lot of time in the wilderness and on the water and has been blessed to explore the pristine and natural splendor of places often untouched by man. This has caused him to be environmentally conscious so that future generations can share the same experiences. He views himself as a steward of the water and aligns himself with initiatives that support marine research and conservation initiatives.  Such as Captains For Clean Water and Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.  Capt. Scott also practices catch & release in order to help sustain local fisheries for years to come.


Capt. Scott believes in the American dream, making an honest living and the value of a hard days work. Therefore, he proudly supports and outfits himself with only the very best products from Local and American companies such as Ankona Boats, Sage Fly Rods, Nautilus Fly Reels, Royal Wulff Products, Simms Fishing Products, Fender Pointe & Estrada Art, Yeti and Skinny Water Culture. 


Capt. Scott has a spent a great deal of time in the outdoors and has developed a wide range of camping & survival skills. He's completed several long backpacking & fishing expeditions including a successful summit of the Grand Teton. When fly fishing became an addiction, he chose his skiff with the sole intention of exploring marine wilderness areas that others can't access.  He soon found himself deep in some of Florida's most remote locations camping and catching game fish that had never seen a fly or boat before.


Capt. Scott's local knowledge was built from the ground up through hard work and dedication, aka time on the water.  A DIY angler, his story is similar to most Floridians who started by learning the piers, jetties, spillways, beaches and bridges then eventually saving up enough money to buy an old boat. Capt. Scott gained a majority of his knowledge from developing friendships and forming connections with fellow anglers.  Since then he has developed successful and consistent methods to catch fish with flies of his own design that work year round.


Captain Scott Miller's expertise and knowledge from a lifelong dedication to the outdoors has made him a committed guide. He has an addictive passion for fishing and genuinely enjoys sharing his experiences with others. He prides himself on providing the very best fly fishing adventure by putting time in on the water before each trip to continuously stay dialed in on the fish.  Whether the fishing is epic or shut down, you will enjoy a unique and intense fly fishing adventure with a guide committed to helping you become a better angler.


Capt. Scott has always had an interest in photography and film and has held a camera on most adventures. When he took film classes in college he began applying his talents to his passions. This transcended into fly fishing and Capt. Scott has been building an anglers portfolio for film & photography.  He has found through personal experience that it is priceless to document a once in a lifetime moment such as a first catch or personal best.  So, you can always trust to get the very best photos of your catches to capture the memory of your adventure.

Capt. Scott is extremely well traveled and has explored most of the country usually with a rod close at hand. He has learned various angling methods and tactics which he applied directly to Saltwater Fly Fishing.  He continues to travel and makes annual adventures to Colorado for Trout and the Southern Coasts for Redfish. When Capt. Scott is not guiding, he's usually found deep in the Florida Everglades. Through his combined endeavors, he has found behavioral and migratory consistencies for each species he targets and continues to learn & refine his skillset.



"Although I am sort of new to saltwater fly fishing, I however am not new to hiring Fishing guides.  I have been with my fair share, and I must say Captain Scott impressed me in many ways . I learned quickly that it is a team effort and Captain Scott was able to quickly recognize both my strengths and weaknesses and apply a strategy with great success. Simply put, he will put you on fish." - Clint from Houston, Texas

"If you are in the Palm Beach area and looking for a great inshore fishing guide, contact my man Captain Scott.  I had an awesome trip out and Scott put me on fish all night.  He has great knowledge of the area and taught me a lot.  Looking forward to next time!"

- Rhett from Georgia

"Last night we had a Palm Beach Night Lights trip with Capt. Scott.  We had an absolute blast.  Scott Put us on fish, Snook, Jack, Moonfish.  He even guided us to shots at multiple Tarpon!  He gave an excellent presentation at the beginning of the trips just to show a few saltwater noobs what to do.  What a unique trip! I'm looking forward to another! Highly recommended"

- Charles from New York

"Scott is very knowledgeable, patient and professional.  The experience was more than just landing the big one (which happened), and more about the overall value and art of fly fishing.  He has a great sense of humor as well."

-Michael from Palm Beach